11 Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Build a Successful Social Media Presence


11 Steps to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Build a Successful Social Media Presence

It’s hard to become an influential leader when you feel like nobody believes in you. Gone are the days when people used to hide behind computers. Social media is the new way that people communicate with one another, and if you’re not on it, then you’re missing out.

People want to connect with others through social media because it’s human nature to be nosy. The problem is, many people have imposter syndrome when they start their social media account. They feel like an imposter because they don’t have anything interesting or valuable to share, so they stay hidden in fear of being found out as a fraud.

But here’s the thing: everyone feels this way at first! If this sounds familiar, then know that many other people have experienced the same feelings. You need time to develop your voice and find your niche before posting publicly for all eyes to see.

In this article, we will discuss 11 steps for overcoming imposter syndrome so you can build a successful social media presence!

What is imposter syndrome, and what causes It

What is imposter syndrome, and what causes It?

Imposter syndrome is the fear that people won’t accept you for who you are. It’s a feeling that your successes are due to luck, not because of hard work and determination. It’s often experienced when you try something new or get promoted to a position that makes you more visible to others

Despite being fully qualified to do so, people who have imposter syndrome feel like they don’t deserve their position or job title. They feel like they are always on the brink of being exposed as fraud If this sounds like you, then take comfort in knowing that this is a very common feeling. Many people have felt the same way at some point, including successful celebrities and entrepreneurs!

Symptoms of Imposter syndrome

  • Feeling like a fraud and that you don’t deserve your success
  • Fear of failure or making mistakes in public.
  • Being afraid to take on new challenges because you’re worried about messing up.
  • Low self-esteem and feelings of inadequacy

Social Media Platforms for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

There are various social media platforms that you can use when trying to overcome imposter syndrome. You can find success on any platform if you commit to it fully and build an audience that appreciates your content.

The most important thing is finding a platform where you feel comfortable sharing since this will help boost your confidence as time goes on! Here are the best platforms for overcoming imposter syndrome:

  • Facebook – If there’s one social media site that can make or break your business, then it’s definitely Facebook. You can promote yourself on this platform with great success if you commit to regularly posting engaging content and interacting with the community.
  • Twitter – A lot of people like using Twitter because they don’t feel obligated to post daily updates, which makes managing an account much easier! With a strong following, you will start to feel confident in your social media presence and eventually overcome imposter syndrome.
  • LinkedIn – For people who want to grow their audience, this is the perfect platform! LinkedIn has a professional community that you can share content with without worrying about backlash from friends or family members. It’s an excellent way to build up your confidence while still being able to work on your social media presence!

Social Media Presence Tips for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

You will need to spend time developing a voice and finding the posts that resonate with your audience before you can start building up your confidence. Keep in mind that most people aren’t going to like or comment on every post, but it’s important to stay consistent.

If you only post content that gets a strong response, then your following will start to lose interest quickly! It’s important to spend time engaging with your community and finding the type of posts they are most interested in seeing from you before making the switch to public postings


Imposter Syndrome is Overwhelming at First, but it Gets Easier!

Imposter syndrome is something that you will need to work through in order to be successful on social media. You may feel suffocated like a fish out of water at first, but if you stick with it, then the results are well worth it! Just remember that everyone else has gone through this process before, and they can relate to what you’re going through.


Steps to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Step 01: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others


One thing you need to do first is to stop comparing yourself to other people on social media. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives behind closed doors, so it doesn’t make sense for you to compare your life with others. Remember that everyone has problems, and it’s not always fun being the life of the party.

Step 02: Take Your Time


Another important step to take is to slow down and give yourself time before posting on social media. This will make your posts more genuine and less like a PR statement that people can see right through. You’ll also feel more in control and confident in your social media presence!

Step 03: Stop Posting Just for the Likes


It’s hard not to compare how many likes you get on a post vs. someone else, but it’s important that you don’t fall into this comparison trap. We all know that these numbers can be fickle depending on when you post, who you follow, and the time of day. Focus on building a genuine following instead of trying to get likes!

Step 04: Be ok With Being Vulnerable


You need to let go of any fears that are holding you back from being vulnerable with your followers. This is how trust gets built-in social media. People will feel connected to you if they know that you’re open about your struggles. You can’t be a successful leader all the time, so remember that it’s ok for things to get messy sometimes!

Step 05: Focus on Connecting with Others


It’s quite important that you focus on connecting with others instead of trying to sell them something all the time. If you focus on selling, then people will only see your posts when they want something from you. This is not how trust gets built! Focus more on building connections with others and giving them value without asking for anything in return.

Step 06: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions


Don’t be afraid of asking questions if you don’t know what to post. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, and this is how we all learn. You can always go back and edit your post later or delete it altogether! The important thing here is that you’re learning from social media and trying new things.

Step 07: Celebrate Your Wins


Don’t forget to celebrate your wins on social media. This will encourage you to keep going, even if it’s hard. We all have days where we want to quit, so it’s important that you take the time to acknowledge yourself for how far you’ve come! It doesn’t matter what kind of win this is – big or small – because we all need and want to be reminded of how awesome we are sometimes!

Step 08: Respond Appropriately When People Reach Out


Respond appropriately when people reach out and comment on your posts. This gives them a chance to get to know you better, especially if they’re asking questions. It’s important that you don’t ignore any comments because this can make people feel like you don’t care about them.

Step 09: Take Time Off When You Need It


Sometimes you need to take a break from social media. Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, be sure that you’re taking time off when needed. If anything, this will give your followers the time to miss you, which will make them more excited when you finally come back!

Step 10: Believe in Yourself


It might be a hard thing to believe in yourself at first, but remember that it’s important for others too. If people don’t think you’re confident and know what you’re doing, then they won’t trust your social media presence. Therefore, believe in yourself, and others will find it easier to follow suit!

Step 11: Continue Learning


Last but not least, remember that there is always more to learn with social media. Whether this means taking a course or just reading articles online, never stop learning and growing as an influencer on social media. Once you realize that there’s more to learn, you’ll feel more confident.


We’ve Got You Covered!

With these 11 simple steps, you can overcome imposter syndrome and build a successful social media presence! There is always more to learn in this space, but if you focus on connecting with others instead of selling them something all the time, then they’ll trust your posts.

Once people start trusting what you’re doing on social media, then you’re on your way to becoming a leader in space! There’s no better way to overcome imposter syndrome than to use professional help. Let the pros at Evolution Digital Marketing Agency do their thing as you sit back and enjoy the results.


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