6 Engagement Tips You Might Be Missing

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The first rules of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) engagements are: writing quality content, (with emphasis being on quality, not quantity), and never writing duplicate content. Most self-proclaimed SEO experts out there at least get this part right. However, there are other numerous SEO engagement factors that only a handful of SEO experts are aware of and even less chose to utilize them. But we endeavor to use all SEO arsenals to propel your website to the top of search engine results page. We don’t shy away or leave anything to chance. The following are some of the SEO engagement tips, that are not so common with many but very common with us.

SEO Tips

SEO Designed URL:

Let’s illustrate this with an example. Put yourself in the shoe of someone searching for accountant information online, and happened to come across an URL for one website reading something like this: “www.example.com/advantages-of-hiring-professional-accountant”. Then another URL reads something like this: “www.example.com/88/99/875688/afjiroywhtl.html”.I think it’s pretty obvious that one would click on the former rather than the latter URL. The point here is; the site’s URL gives you a chance to get more clicks by improving its SEO ranking. Also search engine bots are able to read and understand the clean, meaningful urls easily. A well-designed URL will go a long way towards pushing your site’s ranking higher compared to your competition with regards to SEO. The site’s URL should be designed to showcase the SEO keywords.


Take it from us, backed with our experience in creating high SEO ranking. As a rule of thumb, all of your website’s content ought to have headings and sub-headings. Surprisingly most sites overlook the sub-headings. This can be likened to shooting oneself in the foot, as search engine algorithms look at both the H1 and H2 tags. The same also goes to your site’s visitors; they skim through the webpage looking at the headings and sub-headings before making up their minds to read the content. So having the correctly designed headings and sub-headings will not only just improve your SEO ranking, but encourage more readership of the content.

SEO Friendly Images:

Always ensure that you include a good quality complementary image at the very top of your blog post. From experience, posts with images located at the top usually perform better than those without, but it has to be a good quality image. A poor image is even worse than, not having any image at all, so don’t shot yourself in the foot by picking the first image you come across. Blog images also take your SEO ranking higher, especially if you give them the right SEO-designed Titles, Captions, Alt Text, and Descriptions.

Interlinking Between Pages and Posts:

When it comes to linking, there are two types; linking and interlinking. The former is linking a webpage on your site to another site while the latter is linking your webpage to another webpage within your site. Unfortunately many self-proclaimed SEO experts practice the former and don’t benefit from giving other pages on their site more clout. However, as much as you want to interlink webpages within your site, ensure that you only link pages that are complementary. That way you will enjoy the benefit of having your site’s visitors go from one page to another within your site. The goal here is to reduce your site’s bounce back rates and have more visitors engage in calls to action.

Tutorial Videos:

A lot of people seem to prefer getting a message from videos or images as opposed to reading texts. There are also situations where a video brings out a message better than written text, especially if it involves technical explanations. Inserting videos into a post gives you a great advantage as there are numerous SEO elements (like the descriptive text) that can be employed when inserting a video. But if you can’t use high-quality videos, you are better off, not including any video at all; don’t irritate your audience with grainy footage and shaky cams.

Encourage Comments:

If you can encourage your readers to comment on your posts, then the readers will double up as your SEO gurus. Another advantage of this is that it increases the likelihood of readers coming back to the site again; to check on the replies made on their comments.

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