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Social Media Marketing Service

Whether you’re a solopreneur just getting started or an established business owner, it’s important to establish a social media presence online.

While the primary purpose of social media marketing is to provide you with more exposure, keeping up a positive social media presence can help you gain credibility in your industry as an expert in your field.

Using social media is about compelling people consistently to engage with you and then share your content. When more people are engaging with your content, they’re more likely to share it, and this, in turn, increases your exposure.

Maintaining an active social media presence is an excellent way to engage with prospective clients, but it’s also a great way to engage with your current customers, providing them with excellent customer service so that they will return to your business, again and again.

Our Social Media Marketing tool gives your business one place to engage with your social media networks. Generate leads, schedule ready-to-publish content in advance, and communicate with your followers, all from one user-friendly place.

Reputation Management Tool

Long ago, people relied on word-of-mouth to help them decide who to do business with, and not much has changed. Today, the reputation of your business is largely defined by your customers’ reviews online, as well as listings on major search engines, like Google, Bing, and Facebook.

Positive reviews, accurate business information and listings on search engines, and an active social media presence all impact your brand or business’s reputation and help inform the choice a potential customer will make about whether to work with you.

With our reputation management tool, you’ll see compiled reviews from dozens of sites, all in one convenient, user-friendly tool, enabling you to monitor what people are saying about you online. Our tool will carefully monitor when your business is mentioned on a variety of sources, including news sites, blogs, and various social media networks.

Improve your visibility in local searches with this all-in-one tool that will help you improve your search rank by identifying inaccurate information in online listings for your business, and inform you if and when your business’s listing is missing from key engines.

You can also see how your business stacks up against the competition! Our tool will send out automated alerts and progress reports every time new information is found about your business so you can see how your reputation has improved.

Blog Content Creation

Today, consumers, clients, journalists, and other professionals increasingly seek out information about businesses through relevant content online. Excellently written blog content will help build trust between you and your customers, and it’ll establish your reputation as an expert in your industry or field.

Blogs allows us to share our stories and to attract clients in entirely new ways. While your e-commerce site or corporate website itself may attract prospective clients in the later stages of the purchasing journey, blogs are increasingly becoming an essential social media and content marketing hub in their own right.

Most importantly, blogs offer you a highly personal path to engaging people who are searching for answers, solutions to their problems, or even education.

By funneling social interactions on your social media pages back to your blog, you are able to bring conversations, visitors, and client interactions to your own social hub, where you have the best resources and opportunities to identify and engage people right in the midst of their buying process.

So whether you’re a busy entrepreneur or an established business, you need to produce content that your clients and prospective clients will search for. Let us do the heavy work!

We’ll send you handcrafted, fully-researched blog content with source links for your website or online blog and linkbacks pushed to all your social media accounts.

Promotional Videos

In the fast-paced digital marketing environment, it’s move or be moved. Short, interesting videos that are both informative and catchy are the way forward. After all, in 2012, people in the US watched upwards of 21 billion videos online!

Enter the promotional video. These short, engaging videos help raise awareness of your brand while simultaneously playing a key role in your sales funnel.

Evolution Digital Marketing Agency can craft promotional videos for your brand or business that are handcrafted, made in house, and SEO-optimized to rank high in search engine results, giving your brand or business instant exposure to potential buyers.


A webinar is a great way to provide free, valuable information to your prospects in the hope that participants will be hooked and see the need to engage your paid products or services.

Hosting high-quality webinars is a sure-fire way to build a fresh list of leads. When participants share your webinar links with their network, you enlarge the database of people within your reach and increase the number of people who like your work and trust you and will, in turn, spread the word.

Webinars are also an effective means of expanding on content already published on your blog. But, while ebooks and free downloads help showcase your expertise, webinars are a different sort of lead generator that provide more long-term value in the form of more and better prospective clients.

We’ll create high-quality webinars that will engage prospects from the start, hooking their interest and moving them into your sales funnel.

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